Mastering the Hula Hoop was easy when I was ten. I dreamed of appearing on the television screen exposing my talent of spinning several hoops around most parts of my body at a consistent rate of speed. I dreamed of breaking world records with numerous hoops, all in perfect control, making circles around my green spandex jumpsuit.

Today, I am unable to spin a Hula Hoop. No matter how hard I swivel my hips, gyrate my bottom half and smile, the hoop falls in a heap at my ankles. While my children can spin the hoop at mach speeds and at the same time, shoot a basketball, braid their friend's hair, and tie their own shoe, I cannot get one 360 degree spin to make it around my middle.

I am grateful that my mothering skills are not measured by the talents I mastered as a child yet am unable to master now. I am thankful that my children do not mock my attempts at Hula Hoops, cartwheels, and HORSE. I'm glad that I do not need to impress my kids with hidden talents since I do not have any.

For now I will stick to playing Kings in the Corner, and defeating them with my savvy card skills. Although most times, they beat me at that game too.


Becoming Me said…
Cute post. I could never hoola hoop. But I play a mean game of Candyland.
Mel said…
I can't hula hoop either, which totally bugs me because I could when I was a girl. What's up with that?!
Denise said…
i got 3rd place in a hula hoop contest in the 8th grade. and then i too lost my hula.
Sarah Markley said…
I forgot about Kings in the Corner. I think you will need to reteach me. I can't Hula Hoop either, but Hope sure can....whoa.=)

Let's hang out soon.