We have a little acronym in the Vujnov household which started when my son attended a baseball camp in the summer. While hundreds of boys gathered each day for one week in the summer to work through drills and play baseball games, week after week, weary teenagers who slept during the lunch break, assisted with the guys.

The one time I was early to pick-up my son from the field, the teenager coach was shouting to the other coach, that he was calling an "L-O-H" on one of his players. Because of the ten year old's "Lack of Hustle," the team received an out.

According to my son, it was a legitimate L-O-H. Many players, after high temperatures and hours of base running, were being called out by day four.

Soon after the first L-O-H, a boy ran with all of his might to first base. He was wearing baseball pants which were obviously too small for his growing frame, one orange sock, and one yellow sock. He had on a green and blue stripped t-shirt, and on his head was a red Angels baseball hat.

The teenager yelled again, but this time I couldn’t imagine the swift running player deserving an L-O-H. “Your player is out for an L-O-M!” The other coach was aghast. “What is an L-O-M?” With all seriousness, as the ten year old players intently listened he shouted, “Lack of matching!"

The term has stuck with our family. Today, my youngest was slapped with an L-O-M infraction. His outfit consisted of plaid shorts, a navy blue shirt, a camouflage jacket, brown flip-flops, and a black hat. He claimed his guilty charge, and changed into a brown jacket.

Although I don't know who will be the next child charged with an L-O-M, I do know this: I'll be watching!


Lisa Diederichs said…
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Lisa Diederichs said…
That is such an AWESOME story! I'll have to start incorporating LOM into my repertoire of fun acronyms! Thanks for the giggle. xoxo
Jodie Howerton said…
We're adopting this phrase in our house. Why is matching such a hard concept to teach? when I say, "honey, that doesn't match," my kids look at me like I have smallpox. "Mom, of COURSE orange matches red polka dots with a purple headband." Hmmmm, Punky Brewster, anyone?
Becoming Me said…
Too funny. I think we're going to adopt this phrase as well.