Kidz Eat Phree

I am wrestling with a grammar peeve at the moment. At a time when I have little people attempting to spell out every sign they encounter, I am very bugged when companies choose to spell words incorrectly. This confuses my children.

Already I am dealing with this,
"I know how to spell grocery store."
"Really? How?"

Okay, so that is not really how you spell grocery store, it is actually the name of the grocery store but I understood his reasoning.

When companies purposely misspell words like, "kidz klub" or "fantaztic fun zone" just that it looks better on their sign it irritates me. It is completely unnecessary.

In the throes of tying to help my children with their spelling and letters, I need company cooperation, especially at restaurants, even if their "kidz klub" meal does come for "phree."


Becoming Me said…
This made me laugh out loud! Great post!
Sarah Markley said…
So funny. Its so true. =)
Amy said…
Yes yes yes!
AMEN! Spelling tests are a daily task around here so I feel your pain!

Now for the REAL question: Why doesn't he spell T.R.A.D.E.R J.O.E.S! Vons...throw a sister a bone...SHOP TJ'S!