Just Flirting

Last night we were watching bits of American Idol between homework and dinner. My son kept at me about going to a website called, "Vote for the Worst." This website attempts to mess with the voting for American Idol by coaxing folks to vote for the worst candidate. They have enough members, that Sanjaiah stuck around for longer than usual due to their consistency in voting for him.

My son was curious as to whom was their victim this season. As it turns out, Brooke is on their list, however, they are now trying to say that the entire show is rigged. There was some spoof last night when Paula made a comment in regards to something that was supposed to happen but never did. Check it out here.

My son was over my shoulder the entire time asking questions in hopes of averting his already unfocused attention away from his math homework. He then asked, "Mom, are you going to comment on other peoples blogs about the American Idol thing?"

"No Buddy, I don't have time to comment tonight."
"You have been on your computer all night."
"I was writing a story, not reading blogs."
"So why don't you comment or read some blogs?"
"Son, I don't have time."
"Mom, you don't have time to blog flirt."

I laughed out loud! Blog flirt. Is that what I do? Evidently so, according to a fifth grade boy.


Annie said…
I love it. Don't let him forget to be friends with me next month.
Lisa Diederichs said…
I love it. Blog-flirt. I like to say that I'm a blog-lurker. I read people's blogs I don't know (but don't usually comment).

You blog-flirt ... I love you (see ... now I'm flirting too). :)


P.S. By the way ... Jodie told me you're an amazing writer (and she's right!) and that you're writing a book. What is your book about?
Mary Fran said…
My kids call it blog stalking...I think I like blog flirting better
Denise said…
how you doin? (if you ever watched Friends than you know i am flirting).

blog flirt.. what a funny boy, i suppose it is better than lurking, and i am guilty. we must flirt a little before to see if we want to begin dating.
WE are blog dating right?
blog break ups are also uncomfortable :-)

i'm ready for brooke to go home.
and i really wanted david cook to do an edgy version of "we're coming to america." that's my american idol opinion.
Jodie Howerton said…
Linda, I have always respected you! Seriously, ( I sound VERY Grey's Anatomy right now.)

And, now I really LOVE your writing. Sister, keep it up! You rock!
Sarah Markley said…
Blog flirt...not you...but perhaps a few people we met say, in March, say at Mt. Hermon???? =)