I Love Your Hair!

As I encountered a girlfriend of mine I noticed that her hair looked different. It was flipped at the end of the layers, had shiny highlights and was cute in every way. I stopped our conversation midway to comment on how terrific her hair looked. She smiled, but it was more like a "you've got to be kidding me" smile instead.

This particular day she hadn't had the time to blow it dry properly, so haphazard-like she fixed it up and left the house. Of course, this was the day she received many compliments.

One year our power had gone out for 48 hours. I was teaching at the time and in the morning was unable to blow dry my hair. I made my best attempts at getting my bangs to do something by sitting in front of the open door of our oven so that the heat could escape and dry my bangs. I clipped up the rest of my hair with a brown claw clip and called it a hair style.

Of all the mornings, this day, with wet hair up in a clip, and bangs that tried to curl under but were left on their own, this day, I got the most hair compliments from the kids in my class. "Your hair looks the bom Mrs. V!" Great. The days I painstakingly fought to add volume to my pin straight locks, teased and sprayed my bangs in perfect position...nothing.

Yesterday was one of those days when I had to choose between a coat of mascara on my eyelashes, or blow drying my hair properly. I hadn't the time to accomplish both tasks. The mascara won. I ran the blow dryer around my head a few times, scrunched the ends some, managed my bangs, and was off with most of my hair still wet.

This was the day people asked if I had gotten my hair cut. What did I do differently? It looks cute, did you try a new color? What gives? Why on the days that I do nothing with my hair, I get the most compliments?

Perhaps I should ditch the blow dryer entirely and walk around resembling a freshly washed dog. It will be then, that people will stop our conversation and say, "I love your hair!"


Becoming Me said…
So funny. Hey if it works for ya, save the time and let it dry naturally until the compliments stop. Oh, I've added you to my blog roll and also briefly mentioned your funny blog on my personal blog. Your writing really makes me laugh and I love how real you are.