Full of Flannel

The flannel sheets are still on my bed. For those of you with surprise snow storms still shoveling mounds from your driveway and sidewalks, this is a natural occurrence-flannels in April. "Yah, so?" you may say as you saunter around the house in slippers enjoying the blast from your central heating system, and considering a recipe for split pea soup as a dinner option.

For those of you who are pregnant, live near the equator, are over 50 and experiencing hot flashes, or on the other side of the world and enjoying your summer, you may be sweating at the thought of crawling into a bed made with flannel sheets. I however, could sleep in flannel every day of the year. I would just have to turn the air conditioning down to 62 during the hotter months of the year. My husband may decide to sleep on the couch though since he only agrees to flannel sheets because he knows how giddy I get when they cover my body.

We are experiencing higher temperatures now in So. Cal. My flannel sheets would be long gone by now. Flannel sheets and April should never be in the same sentence since I reside in Southern California. However, in mid October, when the soft cotton sheets were replaced by flannel loveliness, I discovered a tear. Immediately the top sheep was tossed, and the fitted sheep became a cover for my jogging stroller. Handy, I know.

I have yet to replace our cotton sheets. I may be dragging my feet. Replacement is inevitable eventually. But, for now, I'll enjoy my flannel, and wear a bikini to bed. That should help me stay cool this weekend when our temperature soars to eighty.


Brad Huebert said…
I grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where it can reach -40... at minus 40, to give you an idea of what I'm talking about, farenheit and celcius actually meet.

One of my friends' parents left for two weeks in the dead of winter and he and his brother decided to open all the basement windows for a week. Why? In his words, "so we could leave the milk out."

They watched TV in parkas and mittens so they could "leave the milk out." And it didn't spoil.

Not sure why I told you that story. Your post reminded me, I guess.
Jodie Howerton said…
Oh, Linda. How you make me miss Southern California! (Sigh) Still, I do remember how oppressive the heat can be. Instead of paying AC bills, I'm paying for heat. I'm guessing your hubbie will let you choose the sheets as long as he's happy with what's happening underneath.... :)
Sarah Markley said…
i remember our flannel conversation before. i will never sleep on flannel sheets as long as i am married to my husband. he hates them. makes him feel clastrophobic. oh well.

brad, the only context i have for -40 degrees is watching ice road truckers. they look cold.