Delightful Discounts

I love discounts. I'm not particularly overwhelmed when the discount reflects 10 or 15%, but 40% off makes me silly. Unfortunately, it doesn't matter what is being offered. I may end up purchasing 4 neckties at 40% only because I love the idea of such a huge discount. No, my husband does not wear neckties.

I am not a scrapbooker. Not because I am incapable, or don't like it, I love the looks of scrapbook stuff. My problem lies in the fact that I spend my time doing other things.

I happened into Jo-Ann fabric and craft store which was selling all of their scrapbook stuff at 40% off. While my teenage daughter and I shopped around, my husband took the boys to McDonald's to get some ice cream. I figured that we had plenty of time to kill and sauntered to my hearts content.

I bought shiny sheets of paper I didn't know existed. I bought star brads, card stock, and decorative paper...six sheets for 96 cents! All of it was 40% off!

My husband finally text messaged me, "Where are you?" He should have known that you never leave a mother and her teenage daughter alone in a craft store that is offering unbelievable discounts.

Even though I don't scrapbook, I love decorative paper, fun pens, and Dixon Ticonderoga pencils. I'll have to create something with all of my great, inexpensive paper. Eventually I'll go back and purchase some more paper that I don't need, but this time, I will go by myself, without a time constraint. Their sale ends Friday. It's a date!


Sarah Markley said…
i can't tell you how many bags and boxes i have of scrapbook stuff i've never done anything with...i should let hope go crazy with it. i can't do it either. good luck!
ayates said…
did you find some fun stuff for the 8th grade invites????
Jodie Howerton said…
Oy, I am no good at crafts. The truth is, I'd rather blog, e-mail, or catch up on my Oprah. I suck at artistic stuff besides writing. I feel totally insecure about my lack of domesticity....Then, at times I feel proud!