Big Kid Date Night

We spent a cold night, from 6:30-8:45, watching my biggest boy pitch at his Little League baseball game. They were playing an undefeated team. My very gracious mother offered to watch the little kids while we watched - our attention completely on the game. I didn't have to dig through my purse, hunting for one dollar bills to hand out to the little ones for snack bar treats, or break up fights over whose stick is bigger or who should be allowed to be the pitcher and catcher for their baseball game using an imaginary ball. Imagine.

My son's team won. He was elated. Celebration was in order. It was 9:00 when we left for a nearby restaurant. I knew that my mom was tired from hanging out at my house since 6:15, but pushed the envelope and asked if she could stay a bit longer so that we could get some food with the big kids. She had no problem with our big kid date night.

We sat, just the four of us, together. We focused on each others conversations and laughed. We ate slowly, and savored the dessert. Just the four of us.

We have not had a night with just the big kids since the nineties, before the little kids arrived. No one ever complains, however, it was a nice change of pace. We devoted our time to just the big kids. We need to do that more often. It is great for everyone...except the little kids.