Who are You?

The older I get the more difficulty I have remembering how I know people that I run into when I am out and about. I can immediately recognize a familiar face, but it is not until halfway through the conversation that I finally realize how I know them.

Typically I go through the litany of, "Are they from the kid's school, an old work place, the ball field, the kiddie gym class that I teach, high school, college, or are they a friend of a friend?"

I have gotten pretty tricky in conversation so as to pinpoint the location from where they came. Here are the questions which can usually start the memory ball rolling:

"How are the kids?" When they answer this question I can generally get an idea of how I know them especially when they name their children and talk about school.

"Have you seen anyone lately?" This question is meant to broaden the name horizon and put the name association with a place, another memory jogger.

"What have you been up to lately?" Asking this question perpetuates a more specific conversation with the use of family members names or career specifics, another helpful hint.

If they call me "Miss Linda" it is a dead give away that they are from my mommy and me class.

If they address me as "Mrs. Vujnov" I had them as a student at some point in my teaching career.

If they ask about my husband right off the bat, they are closer friends with him than me, so I don't worry about the fact that the specifics are vague.

If they call me "Linda" and keep the conversation on the surface, I may never know why I know them, what their name is, and how we became acquaintances. At this point I generally keep the conversation short, then remain perplexed for the next 24 hours trying to figure out how I know them.

If I forget a name, I pretend to be rude, and my husband will introduce himself. I haven't trained the kids to do this yet, but I am working on it.

If I happen to see you in the grocery store or Target, and cannot remember your name, or how I know you, please do not be offended. At least you'll know my secret.


So glad that I am not the only one who suffers from this! I was at a wedding yesterday and I swear there were people there who I avoided eye contact with because I couldn't remember their names. SHHH...don't tell anyone they were ALL from church! It's the age and I LOTS older than you!