I hate waste. According to some philosopher, the deffinition of wealth, is waste. Ouch.

I eat my kid's leftovers since I do not like throwing away food. Water bottles that are half full and sitting with no owner makes me sad. Spending money on toys that get thrown away in two weeks makes me want to gather every toy, return them, and keep the money.

My son is in a choir competition. He is not happy about this. He had to take choir as an elective since he plays no instrument. He is missing sports tonight to - sing. He is supposed to wear navy blue pants. He has no navy blue pants. He doesn't wear pants unless it is absolutely necessary. It would have to raining, really hard. Nevertheless, I must go and purchase a pair of navy blue slacks, for one night, that he will never wear again.

I wish that I had time to shop the thrift stores for a decent pair of slacks with a $2.00 price tag, but I don't. So, I must shop around, and waste more money, on a pair of navy blue pants that will go unused. He is also supposed to wear dress shoes. I think that his black high-top basketball shoes conform to "dressy" standards, don't you? I draw the line at a purchase of "dressy shoes" that he will most assuredly never wear again, but he will have a sleek pair of black socks to go with his "dressy" basketball shoes.


Denise said…
Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do!!
Do.. i really hate spending dough

i attempted to make a whole song out of it, but i am not that witty at the moment. BUT,yes! me too. am i cheap? is that the problem? i fill those water bottles and get good use out of them, and i will not buy useless toys. navy blue pants, why? can he wear them for Easter? b.b. shoes will be no problem with a handsome face, beautiful tenor voice, and a sleek pair of black socks.