Too Much

I have never loved to whole putting gas in my car routine, but I can no assure you that I now hate it. Putting gas in my car is not the part that I have trouble with. I am usually breaking up fights among the masses or arguing with my kids as to why they cannot unbuckle and go into the mini-mart to buy gum.

The part that I loathe with a passion is the purchase. The debit from my account. The price I pay to shuttle children here and there. The filling up a 40 gallon tank of a car that averages 9 mile to the gallon. The $3.55 I spend per gallon. The fact that it costs me over $100.00 dollars to put a full tank of gas in my car which I will have to refill in a week and a half.

No one has cars in Manhattan. The subway is cheep. Perhaps we will all move to Manhattan, but then again, I would have to pay $10,000 a month in rent. I guess we will just stay put, and complain about the price of gas. It's much easier.


I paid $98.10 2 days ago and I will need to fill up in 2 or 3 more! I feel your pain sister! We are filling 3 cars and it's getting EXPENSIVE...hence the reason the teen has a job at the church! THANK GOD!