Sympathy Vote?

My plans for today have snowballed. At the beginning of the week I had planned on taking my four children to the tide pools down at the beach to look for, and poke around at, unsuspecting sea creatures. The plan was then to get lunch and perhaps meet up with a friend of mine to swim in her heated pool since the beach weather was not going to be promising. (55 degree water temp. and 61 degree air temp)

Place your seats in the upright position and make sure that your seat belt is securely fastened. As of right now, my mother and I are taking NINE children on our family jaunt. I think that my mom regrets telling my, "Hey, I'd like to go with you" on Monday night when the plans were taking shape. Now there is no way that she is backing out of assisting in "Linda's not-so-famous Beach Excursion Child Care."

My sister-in-laws both needed child care help today so that added three kids. My daughter attended a sleepover last night and thought it would be fun to invite the two girls she is sleepovering with, to the beach. That added two more. Throw my four into the mix and we now have nine children and two adults.

My friend Sarah is coming too. I am not telling her about the extra bodies. I do not want to scare her away. I need her adult conversation.

So, here I sit, in the calm before the pandemonium, asking for the biggest sympathy vote you can find. Although, if I win your vote, I may sleep through the awards dinner, and I'll certainly need a vacation immediately following.


Sarah Markley said…
We are going to have so much fun - the circus always is! 11 kids ages 2 - 14. It will be like a one room school house, or a homeschool field trip. Whoo out beach communities - here we come!
Annie said…
Fine. I'll come help. You don't have to beat around the bush- you could have just asked. I'll head to the airport immediately.
Amy said…
I'm thinking you must drive a bus!
Denise said…
11 kids!! sarah is a far better friend than i'd ever be. i'd bail on you!