Swimming with Gloves and a Scarf

Bathing suits are everywhere! You would think that we are in the middle of July, but we all know that by the middle of July, there won't be any bathing suits left on any hangers in any stores. I am searching for a pair of gloves for my husband, to no avil. It is nearly impossible to find any apparal resembling anything that has to do with winter, even in the depths of the discount bins.

If I am correct, we still have just short of a month of winter left on the calendar. This is not exactly bathing suit season, even in Southern California. As much as I love sping and summer, I am not ready to shop for bermuda shorts and bathing suits. Just as much as I loathe bathing suits in March, I have trouble with sweaters, and back-to-school supplies in July. Will they ever get it right?


NOPE...but try Big 5. We have a cabin in the mountains and I hit all the clearance racks about this time to stock up on all the missing gloves, mittens, and ski/snow board pants for the next year. GOOD LUCK!
Denise said…
I KNOW! REALLY, who wants to try on a bathing suit in a pasty white, post holidays body?? but if i go to look for a swim suit in say May, all I'll find are fall fashions! Aahhhh!
Amy said…
We were shopping for a belt for my little girl, and went to FIVE stores before we found one! Appearantly, pants only fall down in the autumn.
Mel said…
I feel your pain. I tried to find a pair of boots in February. FEBRUARY. No. But I could have my choice of any of 2,000 pairs of flip-flops.