Nice Catch

I did some time in urgent care last night. Don't fret. In my attempts to catch a falling, large bladed, freshly sharpened, knife, I cut the side of my hand. Natural instinct can fail sometimes.

It was nothing too major, but enough bleeding to warrant a visit to urgent care. This suggestion was made by my firefighter neighbor, and, I do everything he suggests which is medically related.

This makes my seventh cut over the past ten years, with three cuts requiring stitches. I cook too many meals at home.

Upon entering the urgent care facility at 7:40, I cringed. There were 10 people waiting to be treated, however, I was armed with three magazines and a pad of paper. I stopped an exiting patient to survey the wait time - two hours.

Ten minutes later I was weighed, blood pressured, and sent to wait in the procedure room, ahead of the other waiters. I felt a little guilty, but not too much.

One hour and six stitches later I was released. I'm glad that in comparison to all of the flu, strep, and sinus infections they had been dealing with since 5:00, my procedure was, and I quote doctor Nicolls, "fun." I was happy to entertain.

I have strict instructions: no soaking in dish water, surfing, swimming, or bathing kids. I'm going to have to rearrange my to-do list. I was planning on surfing and washing dishes and all day today.


Becoming Me said…
This is the third post I have read today about the author spending time in urgent care! I am glad it was nothing too serious and hope you are pain free. No surfing in March? Why not?
Lauren said…
Hi Linda! This is one of your Mt. Hermon pals chiming in. I'm a "frequent flier" in the emergency room. I know the drill all to well. You were smart to bring magazines and a note pad along!

I hope you'll be able to withstand the withdrawal symptoms of not washing dishes. Ha! Invest in paper plates baby, it's the only way to go.

God Bless!
Sarah Markley said…
So sorry about your hand!
Amy said…
Hmm, but husband CAN do these things, still, no? Challenge him to bath children and do dishes while surfing!
Mary Fran said…
I have Cutco knives! Those babys are sharp. I cut a huge chunk out of my thumb knuckle. It took 6 stiches & $750 to put it back together! I didn't get out of doing dishes though, my hubby bought me larger size pair of rubber gloves!
Anonymous said…
Crazy!! 7 cuts in 10 years?! You do spend a lot of time cooking!! I am also glad it wasn't worse!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's nice to meet you. I enjoyed reading some of your recent posts. They gave me a smile.
L.L. Barkat said…
Oh, I love the twist at the end! So, were you going to do the dishes while you surfed?
SO sorry about your hand, but seriously that is a funny blog! I hadn't read anywhere that opening a can of "chef whatever" is really considered cooking but don't tell my kids because they think cookies come in little balls waiting to be baked!
Call me, I will do your dishes!