Making Chains

There are many things that I cannot do. Even with a degree in art, I am unable to French braid hair. It looks so simple but I get so confused with grabbing a new strand of hair etc. Thankfully my daughter has never requested her hair to be braided. I would have to, at that point, admit my short coming.

I am horrible at Suduko, crossword puzzles, and have difficulty flying a kite. Origami is too tedious, and I can't finish a novel if my life depended on it, okay, maybe if my life depended on it I could finish.

I lose at most card games, cannot put songs onto an ipod, and my husband does most of the home decoration. I could never cleverly throw together a meal using only a can of soup, a pound of beef, and a bag of noodles, and have trouble with any make-up techniques beyond the use of mascara and blush.

The other day my son asked me if I knew how to make a gum wrapper chain. I was thrilled to tell him that, "Yes, yes I can make a gum wrapper chain." He then asked me if I would show him how to make one. I stammered, trying to dive into the recall section of my brain that went back to the sixth grade, and there it was! Just like an old friend waiting to be picked up from the waiting room. When recall works properly it is a wonderful thing. I folded the long piece of gum wrapper in half, folded it in half again, folded the edges in and was happily on my way to demonstrating the creation of a gum wrapper chain. Together we inter-weaved the second wrapper and the chain was taking shape.

My son was tired and bored after the third "link" so we set it aside for a rainy day activity. I think that he was impressed with the fact that I was able to make such a lovely creation on the spot. If needed, I could also help him make a paper airplane, I can play catch with a baseball, and guarantee him an "A" if any art project comes across his desk. However, if he happens to need a great French braider, he'll have to ask my neighbor Sandy. She is very good at French braids.


Denise said…
so what exactly is a gum wrapper chain? i cannot do that. i can braid (thanks to barbie, she never complained as i learned on her full head of hair), but i cannot do any of those other things you mentioned, and beef,soup, and noodles sounds like a casserole!!
OH WOW, we have SO much in common! I can NOT do ANY of those things either and I HAVE 2 GIRLS! I hid behind the use of bows in every color for their hair for YEARS!
3 years ago at our Beach home the gum wrapper chains were the "creative" choice for 12 days...I didn't get involved and they knew better than to ask! HA HA