Thou Shalt Flush

I live with men. Men who lift toilet seats. Little men who forget that the seat goes down when they are finished and the handle must be moved to the flush position. My biggest man, the real man by definition, is fantastic at following the rules of toilet etiquette. He was raised my a man who loves all things clean and was especially concerned with modeling seat down and flush procedures.

Normally, this is not the case. Most men, especially in a public restroom audience, let their laziness fly and perhaps even go beyond leaving seats up and toilets unflushed when left on their own.

I found myself in a situation which required my using a restroom that was gender neutral. Sauntering to the door, a gentleman exited and my shoulders drooped. I assumed the worst. I imagined having to kick the toilet seat down with my shoe to avoid any and all contact with the white plastic, water splashes covering the sink area, the used seat requiring a wipe down from a crisp seat cover, and my nose and mouth having to be switched from the "breathe normally" position, the the "breathe heavily through the mouth to block all smells from entering the nostrils" position. I knew, without a doubt, that a lot of work was waiting for me on the other side of the bathroom door.

To my surprise, the seat was down and the cover was even shut. The "freshen up" bottle was recently misted throughout, and the sink was shiny, and free from water drops. I smiled, mystified, and thrilled that this man had his toilet etiquette in proper priority. I hope that he is married. Women love proper toilet etiquette. I need to send his mother and father a thank you note.


Sarah Markley said…
This is GREAT!!!! I totally relate (not about the living with men) but about the gender neutral bathroom. =)