How Not to Save Money

While other families are at the river, enjoying 90 degree weather and boating to hearts contest, others are skiing in Mammoth, swimming in Palm Springs, or scurrying around San Diego, our family is sitting in the house playing Webkinz until 11:00, watching Sponge Bob, and trying to figure out a different activity for each day of this, our Easter break, without have to sell our house in order to cover the cost. Where does every one get their money?

On day three of "time off from school" we scheduled a visit to the movie to see "College Road Trip." (cute...I have a 14 year old daughter...I cried) Knowing that the movie would cost over $50.00 I refused to buy fast food for lunch.
(I didn't want to spend the money, and thought that my kids' bodies would buckle at one more serving of fried food) I offered a trip to the grocery store and let them choose a frozen meal or canned delicacy. As if the nutritional value was so much better than a Big Mac and fries. Maybe the anesthesia from my stitches has gone to my brain. Hopefully.

$43.00 dollars later, everyone, my four kids, a friend, and my niece, had chosen their meals. What was I thinking? Now, I had to return home and cook six meals. What was I thinking? Two chose Mac n' Cheese (this was a college staple in my apartment and still tasty) Two, Claim Jumper fried chicken meals, two, cans of "Chef Whatever" shells and meatballs, and soda for all. I wasn't stopping at shelf stable life of seventeen years. Soda was a great addition to the preservatives and orange #8 food coloring.

No one died from the amount of calories, fat, and additives they ingested, and popcorn for the movies was a definite "no." On the way home I had to stop at the store again, to purchase mozzarella cheese for lasagna. (That's how I work. I have to go to the store every day, or twice a day because I never know what I am going to cook for dinner) My mother ran into the store while I stayed in the car with the kids. In addition to the cheese, she bought a package of Double Stuff Oreos. My daughter quickly grabbed the package, peeled open the top, and passed them around the car. After our two mile drive home, half of the cookies were gone.

I hope that my kids have steel lined stomachs.

Today they are going to get bowls of broccoli, after their Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal.


Sarah Markley said…
Oh my gosh...I'm so sorry. My kids are eating peeps while they are watching tv...i'm such a bad mom.
a. anjeanette said…
Yeah, the cost of a simple movie with lunch and/or snacks for a family (I have nephews and neices, no kids), is amazing! My solution is to only go with one of them at a time when the others are otherwise socially engaged. (It's like a consolation prize).
That's awesome, mine aren't eating ANY better! It's been interesting because I had EVERY intention on cooking this week but we have been to more restaurants than I can count...BUT NO FAST FOOD, go figure that one out! The candy intact has hit it's capacity and the Easter candy will see the bottom of the green trash bag before the little rugrats wake up!
Mel said…
Popcorn at the movies is a requirement! That's why we rarely go.

I make the kids always order off the "dollar" menu at fast-food places. I get out of their cheap!