Happily Surprised

My daughter is leaving, with my husband, on an 8 day excursion to Washington DC, and elsewhere, with her 8th grade classmates. It is all that she and her friends can talk about at the moment. Nothing else matters, except or course, what they will be wearing.

My daughter is under the assumption that she needs gobs of spending money for her trip, after we have already spent gobs of money on the trip itself. When I asked her how much she thought that she needed, she informed me that "at least $100.00" was sufficient. I was shocked, especially since she has no money of her own aside from the six bags of recyclables in the back yard.

I had a gaggle of her classmates in my car the other day. I asked the girls in my car how much they were bringing on the trip and they all said between $200.00 and $300.00."What?" I exclaimed. They all went into great detail on how they earned the money themselves throughout the school year. I was greatly impressed, and thrilled that the parents expected their girls to earn the money as opposed to just handing them the cash.

Grandma gave her $50.00, and she returned something to the store that broke and got the cash. She is up to $95.00. With the recyclables she should have another $30.00, and we owe her $20.00 in chore money. This brings her spending money account to a grand total of $145.00. I think that is plenty!


Sarah Markley said…
I guess life just keeps getting more and more expensive. Good for her on earning her money! I'm sure she'll have a great time...their itinerary looks wildly mind-numbing!