I hate guilt. Sarah said that I can only feel guilty if I do something wrong. I have done nothing wrong. I need to then get over my guilt. Right?

I am away for 5 days at a Christian writer's conference, soaking up information, and spending time in my own room, with no little people waking me in the wee hours, with no one who needs their needs met. I am refreshing, engaging with adults, and learning. I feel wonderful.

I eat when I want to, use my own restroom where the toilet paper is always stocked, go to bed when I feel like it even though that may be in the middle of the day, drink a cup of coffee at 2:00 because it is hot and ready, and have an ice cream cone at ten o'clock at night, because the cute little cafe' is open.

I will enjoy myself for the next five days, and tell all my guilt to "take a hike" There are plenty of trails nearby.