Falling Star of the Week

The shining light among the darkness sitting on the other side of today, and the fact that all people under the age of 40 are returning to school, is the fact that my six year old is the "Star of the Week." Since his name begins with the letter "T" he happens to be the last child to soak in the honor of being the kindergarten class "Star of the Week."

As parents, we didn't think about the whole alphabetical thing when naming our children. Our poor, poor, eleven year old has a letter "Z" first name and a letter "V" last name. He will forever be bitter, and last in line.

As we assembled the "Star of the Week" poster which needs to be presented tomorrow, my kindergartner carefully selected photos which showed his very best moments. He was reluctant to use any baby photos and was embarrassed by those revealing his irresistible rolls and chubbiness. He chose one family photo, but the rest of the pictures were just of him in his baseball gear, jumping into a pool, his school photo, and one of him wearing motorcycle gear.

He stuck stickers every where, those relating to race cars, jets, electric guitars (?), and quads, and after completion, gave his poster the "thumbs up," obviously anxious to unveil it in the morning.

At the very end of assembly, I received a photo from my friend Sarah which was deemed "a must" for the poster. It was taken at our infamous beach day on Friday and it was a great shot of our three boys. As my six year old looked at the photo, and I cut it out to glue on to the poster, he asked if I could cut our youngest out of the picture. I glared at him, disturbed with his request, and he sullenly replied, "No, right?"

He is not right. His star has just fallen.


Annie said…
Even though my last name starts with a D, I've always hoped to marry up in the alphabet so I would be the first teacher listed for whatever grade I teach.

I'm a freak. I know.

Congrats on your Star of the Week. Show us the poster!
Sarah Markley said…
I married an M and I used to be an S. I liked this. Right in the middle.

I could try to crop him out, or maybe blur him or something...=)
Mel said…
That is great.

I was an "MM" as a child, so always in the middle. I've moved slightly ahead now (now that it doesn't matter) by becoming "MH."

However, I did name my blog an "A" name to be on the top of Blogrolls everywhere. Ha ha ha.