Easter Eve Service

"He is not here; he has risen!..." Luke 24:6

I cannot remember the last time that our family attended an Easter service on Sunday morning. I cannot remember the last time our family attended a church service on Sunday morning. Ever since Saddleback Church has offered a Saturday night service, we have attended.

At first this non-traditional approach to church attendance was odd and strange, but we have come to enjoy our family time on Saturday nights as well as our lounging time on Sunday morning, though it took some getting used to.

Today is Easter. The "baskets" sit waiting for all of the members of the family to wake. The youngest child is impatient and asks every three minutes if he can wake up the other members of the family so that he can dive into his Easter goods. I tell him no, yet his persistence breaks me. I went so far as to show him the inside of his basket so that he could see the array of candy and treats, but my motives failed. The wrapped gift beckons his removal.

Sitting among the baskets is a card marked, "Babe-O." That's me. A card from my husband, with some sort of gift card included. I know this because I bent it, and felt something hard.

I have nothing for my husband in the form of Easter greetings. His birthday was yesterday and in the midst of the festivities I failed to purchase an Easter treat for him. I hope that he understands. I am very thrown off this year with his birthday falling so close to Easter. I hope that excuse works. I may have some making up to do - I'm just saying.

And so to all a Happy Easter, and, eat some Peeps. They are the perfect Easter treat.


Sarah Markley said…
My kids love the peeps. And I apparently love Malt Robin's Eggs. Who knew.