I am not a big fan of waking up on a normal day in complete darkness. This time change has thrown everyone into a schedule kilter. We are eating dinner at 7, going to bed at 9, and waking up at 7:15 in a panicked frenzy.

My boy who always, no matter what the circumstance, wakes up at 6:15 a.m. is having to be jostled from his bed after 7:00. My biggest boy has to now set his alarm, because his mom is having trouble adjusting to the darkness and keeps staying bed because she thinks that it is too early to get out of bed.

We end up having Goldfish crackers and orange juice for breakfast in the car since the two items travel well, and are arriving to school with only four minutes to spare before the bell sounds.

My husband continues to insist that we will all get used to the time change in just a few short days, however, I am having difficulty believing him, based on my experience.

Easter break is around the corner. My guess is that everyone will get their body clocks adjusted just in time for vacation, when sleeping in is allowed. Chances are, it will then, that they will begin their early morning regime. Ugg.


I thought it was just our family!