Cowboys and a Pretty Dog

My youngest boy was looking through a Target catalog that we received in the mail. With a black permanent marker, he was circling all the toys that he wants for his birthday, which happens to be in two months. He likes to plan ahead evidently.

He happened upon a picture of a bedroom scene that was show casing bedding and pillows with pictures hanging on the wall and fancy furniture. A perfectly groomed Collie was lying at the foot of the bed. The Collie had a cute yellow bandanna around his neck. "I want that room" he mentioned, making a huge circle around the entire scene. I was surprised with his choice in bedroom furnishings since the theme was cowboy and typically he wants nothing to do with cowboys except for the guns. He is very partial to everything fire fighter.

The bedding was decorated with horse shoes, cactus, cowboy hats, and cowboys riding horses. While I was still confused with his choice I questioned, "What do you like about that room?" After his reply, it all made perfect sense. "It comes with a dog." A pretty, well-behaved, dog no less, with an exorbitant price tag.


Sarah Markley said…
Makes sense to me! =)