Cold Cash

My sister-in-law and I always exchange money for birthdays. It seems funny though, that I send her money on March 23rd and two weeks later she sends me the same amount. It would probably be easier if we both just sent a card and called it a wash however, we each have a particular way of dealing with our birthday money.

My husband takes any money that he receives for his birthday and deposits it into the checking account. This results in his birthday money being spent on bills, paper towels, or underpants for the little ones. In essence, his money has now become community property. He is unaffected - much less selfish than I am.

My sister-in-law and I treat the money that is obviously ours, quite differently than my husband. We cash the checks at the bank and combine it with the other cash we have received. Don’t think for a moment though that we have numerous friends and family donating money to our birthday fund. We safely tuck the money away in a special location in our purse, not wallet to be used for our needs only. No one is allowed to touch the money. This is possibly the only time that our accounting records are nearly perfect.

I suppose I could learn a thing or two from my husband and his charity. In that case, my children would have new shorts for the spring and I would have nothing. I think last year’s shorts are in perfect condition. Short, 1970’s style shorts for boys are making a comeback, at least in our house.


Becoming Me said…
Cute post. I so relate. I treat my birthday money as only mine, although this past year I did buy my daughter the Beth Moore book My child, My Princess and I took her to tea. But other than that I get almost selfish with it. Is that awful? I am sort of on the bottom of the barrel for shared money, so when I get my out.
Denise said…
so your b-day is in 2 weeks!

i too hoard my b-day money (sometimes for a couple years in a row, then it is quiet a stash! and much harder to spend). i like the freedom of knowing i can spend on myself.
the kids can wear 70's style short shorts and get away with it! those 70 style, show the tummy shirts are coming back in too right! :-)
Mel said…
I hope you give us daily reminders so we don't miss your birthday.

I never share my birthday money, either, though, wait a minute, I did just spend a $50 gift card that I won in a birthday drawing ON MY KIDS. Shoot.
Sarah Markley said…
I TOTALLY do the same thing with my money and gift cards. I horde it in my purse until, God knows when, I lose another 5 lbs or something and I can feel good about trying on clothes.