Blog Blocked

As with most bloggers I have days when I have nothing to blog. While my adversaries will say that every time I post I have nothing to say, I am referring to the literal state of being without words.

As my friends Annie, Mel, and Sarah will tell you, the best way to overcome "blog block" is to attend a gathering.

A gathering consists of any number of people, ranging in age, from all walks of life. This gathering could be the library story hour or the waiting area at the car wash. In my case the gathering is a Christians writer's conference in Mt. Hermon - offering a plethora of blog worthy tails.

People are funny, odd, and eccentric. People create situations which are blog worthy thus opening a door with which your posting block or in my case, my posting block, can be busted open.

Today I come bearing advise, which requires no money down. Next time you have blog writers block, blog block, what Annie calls blogstipation, or postipation go forth and gather. It is there where you will find Weird Guy, Long Prayer, Tights Man, and Hat Lady, who will provide all the fodder needed for your next post.


Sarah Markley said…
I don't know who Hat Lady is? Does that mean its me??

What about Sits-Really-Close? Or is that Weird Guy?
Denise said…
what if weird guy, long prayer, and tights man are friends who will likely be reading your blog?? this is my dilemma.
like dr.suess' title "Oh the Places You'll Go," mine would be "Oh the Things I Could Blog." unfortunately i like being liked too much.
it sounds like you are all having a wonderful time.
you must get a photo of sits-to-close, i am curious!