Birthday Celebration Traditions

Today is the first day of the birthday "start your engines." Since my daughter's birthday is in December, we have a small break before the rest of the family celebrates their birthday. I won't even talk about December birthdays. That is a whole other post. We have three in the family.

My husband starts the ball rolling with his birthday, today. My birthday is in two weeks, my one son has a birthday at the end of April, the other son celebrates at the end of May, and our biggest boy has to wait until July. Whew!

We have one tradition which started when my husband and I married, which takes place on every birthday celebrated in our home. The night before, we hang a "Happy Birthday" sign across the blank wall in our dining room. Balloons are placed on every blade of the ceiling fan over the dining room table, and more balloons are stuck with tape to the walls, and blown up and scattered on the floor.

When the birthday boy or girl awakes, and enters the balloon filled room, they see all of their presents on the table. We wrap everything from their favorite box of cereal to a new pair of flip flops, just so it looks like they have a lot of presents. Tricky, and disappointing if you are the present receiver.

Our CD player is loaded with the Beatles "Happy Birthday" song and all of us sing while the presents are being opened. The rest of the day, unless the birthday person is at school or work, is treated to their choice of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It is a small tradition, but a tradition none the less. My husband just woke up...I have to load the CD player and start the birthday engine.

What are your birthday traditions?


Sarah Markley said…
So great! I like all of your ideas. And, I love the subtitle at the top of your blog. Good job!
Jodie Howerton said…
Hello Linda!

Greetings from Seattle! I just found your blog! I love it! Hope all the Vujnov's are doing well! I can't believe how old your kids have gotten......

Love from the Northwest,

Jodie H