Big - Noise - Good

On the last Friday of the month we all listen intently for the sound of the brooms and vacuums rustling down our street. The street sweeper arrives in the morning and the three boys rush to the front window, the biggest window in the house, to catch of glimpse of the monstrous machine swirling leaves and sticks under it's gigantic wheels.

Today was that day. As we all sat, still in our pajamas without any clock beckoning our get-up-and-go-to-school, my husband announced, "Street sweeper!!" As they do every time, the boys rushed to the window looking up and down the street anticipating the roar. My daughter joined in, but was completely unenthusiastic.

The boys jumped up and down as it came into view, sweeping its way along the curb, and returned to their cold bowls of Coco Puffs cereal while my daughter shook her head and said, "I'll never understand."

I smiled as I made the bed thinking to myself, "I am so glad that she and I have each other." It is true, we will never understand the draw of a loud vehicle parading down the street, why making large amounts of noise for no apparent reason is "fun," and what is so special about shiny wheels on a huge fire truck. However, we will understand the thrill of finding a good deal on a great pair of shoes. We both get that.


Jen Torok said…
I LOVE IT!!! This reminds me of when we lived in Old Towne Orange--when the kids were little and they would here a freight train coming (because the ground would rumble) we would run to the corner so we could watch it go by! Good TImes!!
Jen Torok said…
oops--when they would "hear" a freight train...ALWAYS SPELL CHECK!!!