Aree eue kidin mee?

WOW! A gigantic apology for failing to spell check my previous post. Honestly, I did spell check and whoopsie, things didn't change like they should have. Blaming it on the computer and the folks at Blogger this time. Next time I realize that I am on my own.

I was in a great hurry this morning and failed to read over my post upon exiting from my blog. To some of you I must have appeared like a 2nd grade drop out, or worse, lazy looser when it comes to spelling words correctly.

I once sent home a spelling list for my fourth graders that had a word misspelled. A parent had to notify me. Opps. Humbling.

All is fixed. All is checked. But I'm not saying that it will never happen again. Imperfection doesn't make appointments. Shucks!

P.S. I just fixed it, posted it, viewed it, and it was STILL messed up. It WAS a Blogger issue!!! I had to put it into a WORD document in order to post it without misspellings.


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Sarah Markley said…
How funny about the spelling list. I like "imperfection doesn't make appointments". Wonderfully said!