Airborn Zzzzz

How is it that a one hour plane flight can result in seven people falling asleep? I witnessed this phenomenon recently and my assumption is that in order for these people to fall into a deep sleep they must have:

A: A best friend named "High Doses of Vicodin"
B: Missed the previous nights sleep
C: An acute case of narcolepsy
D: Been too drunk to even know that they were traveling on an airplane

I cannot fall asleep on an airplane. I'm afraid that I will miss an "out your window and to the right" highlight pointed out by the pilot from the overhead speaker, miss out on my free beverage, or worse, have to pass up the free snack being offered.

I love all things free this side of junk mail and those annoying reply card that shower my lap upon opening a new magazine.

If ever I find myself flying to Australia at 3a.m. after a turkey dinner, and a double dose of Benedryl, I may fall asleep. In that case I'll be sure to leave a stickie note on my tray table with the instructions: "Please place my free snack and beverage here."


Sarah Markley said…
I totally agree. At least I didn't ask you if I could sleep on your shoulder. =)