Ying and Yang

I visited two classrooms today. That is what I do part-time. I over-see student teachers with Concordia and Vanguard Universities. Trust me, it sounds much smatter than it actually is, really.

One of my students is in Santa Ana, and one of my students is in Newport Beach.

The Santa Ana class is equipped with the basic necessities: white board, overhead projector, and, shared by the grade level, an image projector which projects on to the white board, any piece of paper you place under the camera. It is very cool.

The Newport Beach classroom, in addition to the image projector, has a "Smart Board." This is a gigantic interactive white board, the size of a chalkboard, that can do everything this side of washing your car and picking up necessary groceries. They average cost is $2,200. Multiply that by 20 classrooms=a ton of cash.

Both classes have fantastic student teachers who are experiencing very different environments. Orange County is so diverse. I just hope the students in the classrooms are given the same learing experience, then again, how could they.