Where are the Cops?

"Sixty percent of fatal intersection crashes are caused by yellow and red light runners T-boning left turners and green light jump starters." (http://roadrules.ca/?cat=33) I knew the rate had to be high since I am a witness to red light runners and stop sign sliders all the time. I am amazed at the amount of people who turn right on a red without stopping, or those who cut off my jog because the are turning left on an arrow which has already turned red. There are never any police offers around to catch the law breakers.

I assume that people are in such a hurry that they have deemed themselves in charge of when they can go through an intersection and not some glaring signal. Admittedly, I have pushed through an orange light; however, after reading some staggering statistics, I am going to follow the law more closely.

I rarely witness drivers making a complete stop at a stop sign either. There used to be a joke in my husbands family that S-T-O-P stood for "softly tap on pedal" and last time I had to endure eight hours in traffic school someone asked how long you had to stop at a stop sign. The teacher simply stated, "You have to make a complete stop." Folks in my town, roll through stop signs and I am always aghast by those who barely slow down. As if the stop sign is so inconvenient.

It is no wonder why there were over 43,000 fatalities in the US from car crashes last year and that car crashes are the number one killer among teens, not drugs, car collisions. Yikes! My daughter will be driving in less that a year. That scares the crud out of me. Maybe she will adhere to my request of wearing a helmet and chest protector in addition to a seat belt when she starts driving.


PamelaKaneshiro said…
Hi Mrs. Vujnov,

I doubt you remember me, but I was your student at Cambridge Elementary from 1991-1992. I always told myself that if I ever got in touch with you, I would thank you for being such a caring teacher.

When I started your class, I wasn't a Christian, but by the end of the year, I gave my life to Jesus. As I've grown spiritually, it has became apparent that you too were a believer simply by your love. It's nice to visit your blog and discover that I was right. :)

Moreover, I'm encouraged to read how God has blessed your family. I remember like it was yesterday when you were pregnant with your daughter.

I wish you well and God's blessings. Thank you again for being such a great teacher.

pamela kaneshiro

WOW, what a great comment from Pamela! You must be amazing, just like I have heard, can't wait to meet the famous Linda someday!

NOW...onto the driving issue! You MUST be watching my teen drive! SHE IS HORRIBLE, YES, I said HORRIBLE and I mean it and SHE knows it! I know, I know, it's not nice to condemn my teen on a blog, but SERIOUSLY she is A HORRIBLE DRIVER! We won't let her drive alone yet and she is 17! Smarter than I am, I am sure...BUT I STILL DRIVE BETTER!