Unlikely Perscription

Strep throat with scarlet fever=2
Strep throat with congestion=1
healthy=1-Me! Yeah!
I don't feel that great=1
cold symptoms=1

I didn't want to post about illness, but since it is all consuming at the present moment, my hands are tied. Sorry. My house needs to be fumigated with disinfectant.

My middle son is suffering through 20 doses of antibiotics. We have a count down sticky note and he only has eight more doses which seems like an eternity. I load up the syringe, and he says, "okay,okay, do it all at once, where is my juice, okay, wait, okay, all at once."

Here is a bit of important information I wasn't privy to before yesterday.

My youngest, who was diagnosed yesterday with strep and scarlet fever, is horrible about taking any form of medicine, horrible. The thought of having to pin him down for 20 doses of antibiotics was a concern which I discussed with the doctor. I expected her to go through a litany of ways to force the meds down his throat, when she looked at me and smiled. "We could just give him an S-H-O-T." I was stunned. "What? Really. You can do that." She nodded as if we were doing something illegal. "Yes! That would be great!" 5 minutes after the shot was given he was feeling better. I had no idea that this was an option for antibiotics, a fantastic option.

My biggest boy has a fever and sore throat. I asked him if he would rather have a one time shot or endure 20 doses of medicine. He remains undecided. He has until noon to make a decision. I'm waiting. Personally, I'd take the shot.


Sarah Markley said…
me too, so sorry about your family's illnesses. hope would surely rather take 20 doses of medicine, she hates shots so much.
What a bummer, when I saw you Saturday night you said one was sick, the other one was almost over it...I am sorry to hear you are still in the throws of sickness!
SO SO GREAT to have you come by and meet me, IT MADE MY NIGHT! I can't wait to visit more someday! THANK YOU THANK YOU!
Now get that family well!