Super Bowl Snacks

While I am not concerned with who is playing in the Super Bowl, where they are playing, or when they are playing, I do know one thing. I have one special request on days where endless amounts of food grace dining room and coffee tables in homes all across America. I must have onion soup mix dip, and Ruffles potato chips. I will gorge on this chip and dip combination until there is no room for the real meal and then attempt to shove down what ever dinner offering is available regardless of my stuffed state of stomach.

This year is going to be different. I have happened upon a strawberry stand, in the rain, and purchased my first-of-the-year, half crate of fresh, delicious strawberries, course one. I then went to our favorite semi-fast-food Mexican restaurant to purchase tortilla chips and guacamole, course two. Marie Callendar's is having their pie sale, so my son and I drove there and bought chocolate cream and cream cheese pie for the end of the meal. We will top the cream cheese with the fresh strawberries...yum-o, course four. I know that I skipped course three which will be pork ribs and baked potatoes. Wow.

I think that I post about food too much. I may have need to venture out and try writing about something other than food, but food is so, well, good.

Happy Super Bowl eating!


Sarah Markley said…
We had the normal chips, cheese and pretzels; then we had garlic toast and lasagna; then topped it off with peanut butter cookies and chocolate squares. =) I'm glad you had a good day!