I love shoes. However, I do not own masses in all shapes and hues. I am partial to spring and summer shoes because they are easy. A great pair of flip-flops or pretty sandal doesn't put too much pressure on the budget, and with a fresh coat of toe nail polish, feet can look fantastic.

I have a problem with winter shoes. I have three pair of flats that do not do well in the rain. I have one pair of boots, black, that do not go with outfits that are brown, but do well in the rain. I do not want to purchase a pair of brown boots because they cost too much money. I just want to wear my brown flip flops, but, wearing flip flops in the rain it a dumb idea. (Although teenagers do it all the time).

Ultimately, I want to wear flip flops or tennis shoes with everything. My problems would be solved. I'm sure glad that I do not live in the snow. I would need a whole new selection of shoes.

Today I am wearing flip flops. My feet are cold. I should probably invest in some toe socks to wear with my flips, although, my children would be extremely embarrassed by my outfit. On the other hand, part of our parental responsibility is to embarrass our children.

I need to make a trip to Target for a toe sock purchase. Maybe I'll start a new trend.


Amy said…
Come on north to the Seattle area... people wear socks with sandals all the time!
Oh the memories of my days in Seattle, your friend Amy is right..sad but right!
Ok sister break down and go to PAYLESS seriously and buy some shoes in some colors! I know CHEAP..but I spurge on my good shoes and buy the few pairs from Payless that help me in my day of just needing something to match! It's silly but it works! $10 for a pair of shoes...THAT'S AMAZING! Just spend the bucks on the important ones! I won't tell!