Real Housewives of Orange County

I make a point to tell people from other cities and states that, although I am from Orange County, and have lived her for almost my entire life (I had a stint in L.A. county) that the Real Housewives of Orange County on television are NOTHING close to reality. They live a life that is so separate from the majority of Orange County. While most oc housewives have not received plastic surgery on their faces, a lot have had their hoo ha's enhanced. I would guess that one out of 100 have had this procedure, but that may be high.

However, I am a real housewife of Orange County. I do not live in a gated community, spend $300.00 on a pair of shoes, or have a bratty teenager who gets a BMW for her sixteenth birthday.

We drive used cars, and cook home often. We save our money to pay for summer camp for the kids, and instead of shopping frivolously, search for a great bargain. We need new couches and carpeting, but wait.

I make lunch for my kids using brown bags and buy socks from Costco. I have not purchased a new bathing suit is three years, and hem my son's pants with a needle and thread from my cupboard.

It would be funny to see how a "real housewife of orange county" survived in a home of a REAL housewife of orange county, me. She would probably run home crying, and require a massage and glass of wine immediately following her visit.


Hippo Brigade said…
I liked that you used the word "hoo ha's".