Playing Footsie

I was recently accused of pushing my husband's leg away in the middle of the night while he was attempting to snuggle and play footsie with me. While I am the first to admit that I cannot fall asleep in the spoon position and remain that close until daybreak, or sleep soundly with legs laying over mine, I cannot recall pushing his leg away from me.

One should not to be responsible for things one does in the dead of sleep, in the middle of the night. I imagine that the leg was cutting off circulation and the pushing away reaction was done out of sheer survival. A limb without circulation for any length of time may result in amputation. I realize that amputation is the extreme, but I am in defense mode at the moment.

I apologized for my error while assuring my husband that it was a complete accident. I reassured him that I love when he snuggles next to me in the middle of the night, to which he replied, "Yeah, right."

My poor attempt at excuses failed, and now I must grovel. Tonight we will spoon - until day break, after all, it is Valentine's Day eve.


Sarah Markley said…
Sounds like loads of fun. Really. I can't be touched when I am falling asleep. It doesn't work. Chad jumps and jerks in his sleep so if he is touching me, it wakes me up!
Amy said…
Don't feel bad. Monday was our 10th wedding anniversary, and I fell asleep before my husband got home. Oops.
My husband loves to cuddle, spoon, touch legs all night, he too is a jiggler! Legs are jump, he jumps, arms fly, the whole gammit. I wake all night to this. This too has posed a problem, he tells me I pull away, put pillows in between us...and I DO! But I have been known to try to cuddle, spoon, and he pulls's become an agreement, neither one can say a word about the night time rejection because we are old and have short term memory loss...."I did what, not me?" Ahhhh...sleep it's great thing after all!