Kiss and Make Up

We haven't quite kissed, but evidently my mother's cat read the post that I wrote about her and felt bad. I saw her today and she didn't cuss at me like she normally does. I walked out the front door where she was sunning herself under a bush, and I stopped to do some dreaded lunges. I had all intentions of ignoring her and telling her once again that I do not like her, but she immediately ran to my side. I am not exaggerating, she ran as if I was her best friend that she has not seen for two years.

Shortly after rubbing on my leg she began meowing and walking in circles around me. She was apologizing. Reluctantly, I reached my hand out toward her body expecting a hiss and bite, while quite the opposite occurred. I scratched her back because I don't know what cats like and figured that all animals like to have their backs scratched. She liked it. She began to purr, yes purr, at me! Her cussing was replaced by purring. I dropped my jaw too.

I kept scratching her back, all the while making sure that she looked me in the eye. I didn't want her to open her eyes unexpectedly, see my face, and begin meowing and questioning the reason why I was touching her fur. I can't handle the cussing. It's rude an offensive. She saw my face and was still purring. What gives? Maybe she went to counseling. She needs counseling.

I wonder if she will still like me tomorrow. I'll let you know, however, I'm not expecting any miracles.


There is hope "cat reconciliation" can be done...never thought it was possible...well, for YOU! I still hate cats, well, my 8 year old would just freak if she heard me say that, not because she likes cats but because I said "HATE!"
I am happy for your bonding time, well, done great a faithful one!