It's Just Money

Strawberry season is now in full swing! I am excited. My family eats strawberries like candy and thankfully they are sweet enough that they do not require a dousing of sugar or whipped cream.

I'm not sure if my budget has room for strawberries this year though. After volunteering to bring fruit to my kindergarteners class for a party, I figured strawberries would be a fantastic choice. I visit a small stand which sits on the side of the road near a strawberry field. I like to purchase my fruit from the stand since they are fresh and sweet. When I grabbed a half flat, and went to make my purchase, I about fell off of my feet when the cashier asked for my payment of EIGHTEEN DOLLARS! That equals out to be approximately $.30 per strawberry. I paid my debt and cherished my purchase, wrapping them in swaddling clothes and perfecting the temperature in my car so they would be happy and safe.

Needless to say, the kindergarteners would not be eating strawberries. I rushed to the grocery store to purchase grapes and saved the strawberries for my family. I dole them out in small increments making sure that every last berry on the plate is eaten, otherwise a few is accrued.

My family will have to start eating more bananas. They fit my budget.


Sarah Markley said…
I love strawberry season! We should take the kids to T-Farms for S-Picking...?
I have a great vendor for fruit if you ever need that flat of strawberries for something special. They are fresh as fresh gets...but yes this years fruit is pricey! Banana's were up for a while, but thankfully have come down quickly!