I [heart] Valentine's Day

When I was teaching, my favorite holiday was always Valentine's. I still love, no pun intended, this holiday. I cut out colored hearts and tape them to the floor leading from each of my kid's rooms to the dining room table. Each of them receives a small gift and some candy. They count down the day, and sometimes I wish that they didn't expect the hearts on the ground. It takes some effort. Thank goodness my husband helps.

The littlest kids have chosen Pirate of the Caribbean valentines to exchange along with a small bag of Skittles, while my biggest boy thought it would be funny to hand out Dora the Explorer valentines to his fifth grade friends. He is also giving away a small bag of Sour Patch Kids. Yuck.

My oldest, although her class is way past the hand-out-valentines stage, has chosen some Sponge Bob valentines to give to her friends. They come complete with a candy Krabby Patty. Fun Stuff, but again, fruit candy is yucky to me.

I dream of chocolate from See's Candy I have already made one trip to See's candy for some red foil covered, milk chocolate hearts to distribute to some teachers, and still need to make another trip to purchase some goodies for my family. There is no chocolate better than See's. Argue all you want, I am not budging on this opinion.

Strawberry soda sits in my refrigerator awaiting some vanilla ice cream, straws, and a spoon - a perfect dessert, and the paper hearts still need to be cut. I will wait to the last minute as always, but the kids will never know. As long as they are able to eat their candy for breakfast, life is as good as it gets, for now, and, I better get some See's chocolate too...hint, hint!


Praying for a BIG bag of Swedish Fish!
I actually bought a heart shaped muffin tin to make hot muffins that morning but then I remembered...I DON'T BAKE! I have a vendor that offers some great heart shaped goodies, delivery day is Thursday!
My youngest will be giving out Fun Dip valentines, the other 2 are without "dates" this year...don't see a late trip to Target in their future, sad for them.