I Have a Dish

My girlfriend, Misha, and her family came over for dinner over a month ago. She brought delicious brownies in a glass Pyrex dish. She left without taking the dish, or the brownies. After we devoured the brownies, I washed the dish, and the dish sat.

I have seen my friend at least four times since then and never have I remembered to bring her the dish.

If I put it in my car, we would likely take my husband's car and the dish would sit. If we took my car, I would get home and discover the dish, and the fact that once again, I forgot to give it to her.

I hope that she is not making brownies any time soon.

She has a hat. The hat sits. Last time we went to her house, my boy saw his hat and put it on his head. Before we left, the hat came off, and was left at her house again.

I wish that the dish fit in my purse. The inconvenience of having it there would cause me to remember to give it to her. Since that is not going to happen, I will probably just drive to her house to return the dish. And, when I am there, I will probably, once again, forget the hat.


I am SO guilty of this! I had my friend Julie's glass bowl for 5 months before returning it! No guilt...MISHA IS SO GREAT SHE WILL FORGIVE YOU! Right Mish? Love the Mish!
Denise said…
you too? except that i am missing a dish or two (this time),and i have some other little person's socks.

when i was young i had a friend, and we would intentionally leave something at the other persons house so that our parent would have to drive us back over to retrieve it. our parents were friends, and a quick stop turned into hours of playtime for us. smart girls huh!

maybe Misha should just come over and play!
Sarah Markley said…
I think you should just keep it (not like steal it), but just use it and if she asks for it, bring HER some brownies! =)