I Feel Your Pain

My daughter is home [ahem] sick today. It started with heart burn in the evening, took a turn toward headache and stomach ache, made a sharp right at sore throat, and ended this morning with, "I'm just really tired." Oh my. I think that I would be more sympathetic if she would just say, "I need some snuggle time. Could I just take a day off to do nothing but snuggle?" I love honesty, usually, unless you're talking about how badly my gray hair is peeking through the brownish, blondish, caramel, hair color.

Super powers would really help me when my children claim illness. I would love to have the ability to feel their physical pain, for thirty seconds. Although I have a different pain threshold than a typical child, at least I could experience the ache for myself in hopes of determining the very best medicine. I would love to be able to snap my finger, feel their sickness, know exactly from where the hurt is coming, and either treat them at home with a medicine cabinet full of choices, call the doctor to get prescription strength meds, or send them to school with a hug and stiff glass of orange juice.

For now, I will have to drive through the nearest fast through restaurant, pick up some fruit popsicles at the grocery store, stick a straw into a cold soda, find a big blanket with which to snuggle, and hope that someone feels much better after some TLC and a whole day off from school.


There are days when my 17 year old wants a "mommy" day still, I will cry when these days stop! I love snuggle days, especially when it's raining!

I am usually the mom that makes them go sick and they throw up on their desk! True story, new school, first day! Yep, I sent the sick child and she threw up ALL over her desk and started a 102 fever...should have believed her tummy ache THAT DAY!

Sarah Markley said…
Sweet! I am sorry she feels bad. Hopefully she'll be better soon! =)
Sarah Markley said…
Congrats on the spotlight. Now who's popular???? Huh?