Driving Charlie

In the age of freaks and bad guys I took a step of faith and did my good deed for the day. While I was approaching my mother's house, with my four year old buckled in the back seat, I observed a crippled man with cane and a small brief case at the entrance to the housing complex. He was practically in the middle of the road, so I had to maneuver a wide turn in order to avoid hitting him with my car.

I wanted to ignore his waves and talking which I could not hear since my windows were up, but, since I am the type of person who likes to help people, and fingered he just needed directions some place. I stopped my car and rolled down my window.

"Could you give me ride to the bus stop?" he questioned. Before I could conjure up an excuse at to why that would be impossible, "Sure" erupted from my lips without my being fully aware of what I had just agreed to do.

Painstakingly, he hobbled with his came, unable to bend his knees, and shimmed into my car, with great difficulty. My first thought was this: If he was a freak or bad guy, with his disability, I could take him down in a heartbeat. My second thought was this: My four year old and I could totally take him down if he attempted to reach for a gun or anything that appeared suspicious. I had a cap gun handy also, and I was not afraid to use it.

Charlie, who missed a ride with his wife, was looking at his electric cart for a back up to get him to the bus, which would take him to the local junior college where he teaches political science. The battery on his cart was dead, which left him in the hand of the goodness of mankind. That is when I arrived on the scene.

Charlie was harmless. I had no fear when I agreed to drive him to work. We had a great conversation. He needs prosthetic knees because of a botched surgery done in India, his hometown. I told him about God, he knows God. He told me about Mahatma Gandhiji. It was a pleasant morning. In the future I hope that I am able to help others, without expecting them to harm me in some way, although, all the freaks and bad guys make it extremely difficult.


Sarah Markley said…
I so agree with this. Its hard to help people it seems, with all of the bad ones out there. What a thing to think about...way to go, Linda.