Doing Dishes

I love when the thought "I need to do the dishes" consists of opening the dishwasher and spending the next 30 seconds placing a sink full of dishes into my new, great-working dishwasher. I hate the unloading aspect, but at least I don't have to rinse and dry on my own. Bring on the dishes!


Amy said…
You're funny... what brought this on?
Sarah Markley said…
I would rather load all day long than unload. My counters are always cluttered with clean dishes. =)
Don't you have 4 kids? dishwasher unloading for you, they are God's gift to housework! HEE..HEE!! If you get really good at it, they will deliver your ice cream treat nighty to you, retrieve the bowl and PUT it in the dishwasher without you talking EVER! Don't get excited, it has NEVER happened here, but it was a great dream!