Dealing with the U

I'm not having a proud moment. As a matter of fact, I'm feeling guilty. My reluctant learner who happens to be in kindergarten got his report card today. He received a "U" in "reads sight words" and "reads three letter words."

I am the first to tell all of friends who fear the fact that their kindergarteners cannot read, that it is a brain issue. Kids will not be able to read until their brains develop that section. However, I'm sure that if I worked, with all of my might, with my kindergartener and quizzed him on his sight words, they would quickly be recognized. That, is a memory issue.

This weekend, he will be exercising his brain muscle. He will be quizzed on his sight words until he is sweating letters. As I mentioned before, he is reluctant, so this process will have to include money. He will not leave my house on Tuesday morning for school until he knows all 25 words.

For now, I am determined. I'm not sure how long my determination will last though, I have a pedicure appointment tomorrow.


Amy said…
Oh, momma, don't sweat it! My girl got a U in knowing money values. I chalked it up to her not seeing money very often at our house! And believe it or not, I don't think she's scarred for life.
Poor guy, how's the house "U" arrest going? We had SUPER hard spelling words this week, it's been a challenging week of "NO mommy, not another test!" It's over and "we" and I say "we" because I worked SO hard getting her to learn the words, got a 100%! GOOD LUCK! Also, no visit this Saturday either :(!
Sarah Markley said…
How was the pedicure ? I missed mine last week due to sick children...=(