Coupons - Bad

I am bad about clipping coupons. I have many friends who have bought into the Grocery Game where the web site owner will tell you which coupons to clip and which to save for another time based on the current deals at the grocery store. You stockpile groceries in your cupboards or garage so that you have your own grocery store as a resource and save money. With this game, though, you cannot be partial to a particular brand because the coupons cover a gamut of brands.

I cannot coupon clip or play the grocery game. I end up buying things I don't need and leaving half of the coupons at home. Sometimes they get crumpled in my purse and end up in the trash can.

I am good at gift cards and restaurant coupons. I like gift cards and often spend all of the money on the card so that no money goes to waste. I also save coupons for our favorite restaurants which offer free french fries, dollars off a combo meal, or coupons for a percentage off my total bill. I love saving money, just not with grocery store coupons.

I know that if I were to take the time to clip the Sunday coupons, play the Grocery Game, and diligently save coupons in a handy file system, I could save a ton of money but, I would rather go to four different stores and reap the same reward - savings. I typically hit Target, Costco, Trader Joe's, and Ralph's. That is the way I like to shop.

To each his own, or her own.


As long as you are a Trader Joe's shopper....WE WILL BE FRIENDS! No coupons for this gal either, I just don't know where people find that kind of time!? Also, I DON'T shop at the regular grocery store so it wouldn't help me!
Sarah Markley said…
I used to do GG - for like a year. Then I lost all my coupons. Then we quit the register. Then I had a baby...and then I became a loyal TJ's follower. I would rather shop there than get another tube of 19 cent toothpaste.