Cat Fancy

I am not a cat fan. If you happen to have a cat that acts just like a dog, then, I could be a fan. My mother's cat ducks and runs whenever I reach my hand out to pet her, and if I do happen to be sitting close enough to touch her fir, nibbles at my hand as if to say, "Get your flippin' hand off me." She sounds like she is cussing at me when she meows.

This is not the type of pet I would like to have as my own. Since this cat wasn't originally hers, and was found meowing in her garage, my mom has decided that her behavior is a result of her being abused by another family. I think that she needs to get over it. My mother gives her fresh milk every day, allows her to roam free, and, she has no indoor or outdoor restrictions. For these reasons she should be grateful, and kind to others, well to me.

She is outwardly unfriendly to me. She sees me almost every day, and although I have never hit her or done anything to abuse her, I do tell her that I don't like her and have been tempted to curse at her when she gives me one of her meows that are just short of shouting in my face.

I am a dog person, big dogs in particular. Please don't buy me a cat.