Call the Police

I am concerned. My young boy was drawing a picture for which he was very proud. He began by cutting out a photo of a gun from a newspaper ad. He then glued the picture on to an index card. What transpired from there was, well, interesting.

I need to preface the fact that he is enamored with police officers. He loves rules, uniforms, and weapons of every kind.

He drew a man attached to the gun, holding the gun, and pointing it at another man. The other man was crying, his mouth was open in the screaming position, and his neck was squirting – red marker.

“What did you draw Babe?” I questioned. He gave me the “Duh, can’t you tell” look and then stated matter-of-fact “It is a police officer shooting a bad guy. The bad guy is bleeding.” That much I could tell. I had a visual.

He is all about eliminating the bad guy. I don’t think that is all bad. He may not ever be an artist, but he will most definitely be a cop.


Anonymous said…
Congrats on being "In the Spotlight"! I'm from So Cal :0), however, I made a recent move...
Sarah Markley said…
wow...we just get horses in my house. =)