Buying Drinks

Ever since I became pregnant with my first child, I have lost my desire for soft drinks. I used to love Diet Pepsi and even had a craving for Dr. Pepper served over crushed ice (the kind that is shaved and very hard to find) during pregnancies number three and four. However, I am a water girl now. I will take an occasional sip off someone else's soda if my water is empty, but I prefer, room temperature water.

Everyone else in the family likes soda. While our oldest child didn't sip the sweet goodness until she was five, the second, third, and fourth have had the "nectar of the gods" very early on. I am not going into specifics. People may drop their jaws.

Since I am not the soda drinking sort, I abhor purchasing soda for anyone else in the family. Actually, it is the spending money on sodas part that I have trouble with. In my opinion it is such a waste of money. The other night we spent ten dollars on sodas that were left on the table unfinished. Prior to ordering our food I had the urge to run to the nearby grocery store, buy a six pack of Coke and then return to the restaurant, but I didn't. I know, I know, just say, "no" and make everyone drink water. It is considered a "treat" when we go out since they don't have soda at home.

From now now I just going to carry a cooler of soda in the back of my car. Next time we decide as a family to eat out, we can just ask for cups of ice. I'll supply the soda and save a mound of money. I promise to pour the drinks under the table so that no one will point their finger in disbelief. Self-dignity anyone? I guess that I'll have to think of a new plan.


Sarah Markley said…
Good idea! I think. Luckily, we are still just dealing with milk and apple juice! I am not giving Naomi soda until she is 10; she won't want what she doesn't know! =)