Brush Thoroughly After Meals

A tube of toothpaste is properly equipped with sound advice, "Brush thoroughly after meals."

I attended a bridal shower where many of my favorite foods were in attendance, foods I don't normally purchase for myself. I had delicious quiche, chocolate dipped strawberries, fresh fruit, cinnamon swirl coffee cake, cream cheese pastries, and coffee. I indulged to my hearts content. The shower was delicious.

I had the opportunity to chat with people that I hadn't seen in a while and catch up on their daily happenings. I met new people and swapped family stories. I questioned, listened, shared, questioned, and absorbed.

When I finally left and made my way home I was greeted my daughter. She interrupted the conversation I was having with my youngest boy. "Uh, Mom, you've got something in your teeth." A black strawberry seed sat in my front tooth in full view of all those in conversation with me, throughout the bridal shower. While I chatted, I assume that people tried to listen, but were distracted, while staring at the seedling nestled in my tooth.

If I had followed the directions on the toothpaste container, my tooth trouble would have never transpired. Note to self: Bring a toothbrush and toothpaste - everywhere, in order to avoid seedlings and their friends.


Anonymous said…
Didn't see it, Linda!
Great to see you again!
Hippo Brigade said…
Oh no! Tragically, we've all been there before, and I'm sure everyone can feel your pain. I went on a first date with a super cute new pair of jeans I just bought. When we went to sit down, he noticed a strip of clear sticker that ran down my thigh displaying my size--Oops! I love your blog by the way, it's defiantly a daily read for me! Thanks for the entertainment- you always make me laugh.
Anonymous said…

There was no seed in your teeth when I was talking to you. Honest! I would have told you.
Maybe it was the handful of strawbeeries you grabbed as you were heading out the door.