Been Thinking About

I have been thinking a lot about my life as a high school student. I started writing a novel about a girl and her experiences, me, and within 24 hours, stopped. Novel writing is too hard. It hurts my brain, not to mention, I was a boring high school student. I had to make up a lot of stuff to make it exciting, hence the quitting.

Patty and I were talking about high school reunions the other day. I went to my 5th and 10th which happened to be 100 years ago. It was odd, seeing people that have grown up physically, but remained pretty much the same mentally. Patty noticed that some people approached her thinking that they had been fantastic friends in school, while she could not remember much about them and their time together. Then there were the people who she thought were great friends in high school, yet acted as if they didn't remember much about her. Odd

I mentioned the fact that all the boys, yes boys, not men, assumed that I was the same person I was the last time they saw me (flirty and boy crazy). They were weird, and immature. Not that I am terribly mature myself, but I think that they would have snuck beers behind the restaurant and played strip poker with old girlfriends, behind their wives back, given the chance.

I loved high school, although I would not want to relive those years all over again. Life was easy. It seems like we never had homework and couldn't care less about our SAT scores. Junior college was most likely inevitable and working part-time was a must. We went skiing in the winter and drove to the beach in the summer.

These days, high school is too much pressure. If students are not getting a four point eleven grade point average they may as well forget about a four year college. It's too bad.

I like being grown up, most of the time. My daughter will soon be in high school. That is my next big hurdle. Maybe she can write the novel instead of me.


Hi I enjoy your blog have a BLESSED DAY char
2 teens in the throws of high school's scary and hasn't changed a bit! Especially the girl stuff/boy stuff...all still the same!
Sarah Markley said…
Thats so funny - I was just thinking this morning that when my daughter grows up and writes her novel, she will have a lot to pull from her childhood.=) Oh well, I gotta stop yelling so much.